ABC Design 31293715 Chili Space cochecitos con 3 ruedas, gris

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ABC-Design Chili
Whats Best for your baby and How a Stroller can Simplify your family Daily Life?
Since no one can Answer This Question Better Than parents, more than 3.500 feedbacks and Reviews from parents were the most precious component for the Development of the Stroller Chili.
The innovadoras, flexible and Multifunctional ABC-Design Chili Tricycle with deportivas characteristics is ideal for Active and stylish Families. The Modern design and the functions convince parents to use it in the daily life, for example An ergonomically optimal Seat for your baby, a completely horizontal Lying position for Unlimited Sleeping comodidad – even for Babies who Sleep ON THE Belly or the Side – a multiple Parking Brake System and of course Highest operating comodidad for Mom and Dad. Thanks to the New developed Parking Brake System The function of Swiveling and Parking of the wheels can be Activated Simply by Foot.
Sistema con amortiguación en más niveles
Sistema de apoyo de Nueva ideazione con posibilidad de activar la función de orientación y posición de las ruedas, con soportes de bolas, pulsando un botón a pedal
Capota parasol extensible